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Introduction to Nichole Sims

Thank you for visiting Bold Career Consulting. I am the owner, Nichole Sims, a professionally trained Recruiting Consultant and Certified Life and Career Coach. I have worked for over 20 years as a full-cycle, high volume Talent Acquisition Manager, Professor, Speaker, and Writer. I am a people-person turned Recruiting Consultant and Career Coach, offering support, expertise and guidance for corporations and career seekers. 

My Story

Everything I do is related to career and purpose. If we spend one-third of our lives working, it should be enjoyable for both the team members and the organization.

As a recruiter and adjunct professor, I have been on both sides. I have been tasked with meeting the staffing needs of a company and I have been able to help students and applicants pursue the best professional roles.

My work is based on discovery and strategic planning.

Whether you are a company who wants an efficient plan to attract, hire, and retain an exceptional team or a job seeker who wants direction and clarity to land the career you were designed for, the goal is to make that process easier.

I was the high school student who lacked the confidence to pursue the career I really wanted. I had watched the sitcom Who’s the Boss growing up and was drawn to the advertising world portrayed by the female lead. Unfortunately, confidence was not a part of my make up then. Before I could even get to college, fear set in. I remember fearing I would lose my job if I couldn’t come up with a good campaign.

That kind of thinking kept me undecided on a major for two years. It also led to one abysmal year studying chemical engineering, and my grades took a swift nosedive. I finally finished college way past schedule but, despite the early setbacks, I found my calling in recruiting and talent development. 

Put the right people in the right seats and everyone wins.

Seeing people operating in their element is one of my greatest joys. Recognizing and hiring new team members who I knew would thrive in the roles I was filling, and training upper management to make good hiring decisions was equally rewarding.

By assessing companies’ unique needs and partnering to develop a strategy, I train my clients’ hiring teams to do the same.

Take the mystery out of your mission.

As an Adjunct Professor, I taught my students how to discover their unique skills and talents so they could focus on the career that was best for them. By the end of each semester, they understood that they have their own personal story to live and a unique mission, that there are things on earth that only they are meant to accomplish.

They left the course with the confidence needed to pursue the right career path. The class led me to develop the Career Quest workbook to coach clients who need clarity for their next career move, whether they are seeking their first career or they are seasoned, yet want to transition to a new industry.

Do what you love.

Nearly everyone has heard the quote, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”. It is possible. The workplace can be enjoyable. Work doesn’t have to be a grind. You can actually look forward to your day when you are in the right seat. My goal is to help companies and career seekers achieve a double win.

Professional Experience.

I sharpened my leadership and coaching skills through nearly three decades of corporate experience, and more than 20 years in talent acquisition and recruiting, where I trained colleagues from middle management to the C-suite.

Training was such a natural part of my role it was an easy decision to make the transition to the classroom.

I have served as a mentor and facilitator for Black Career Women’s network for many years, and I currently leverage my HR and DEI knowledge as a consultant for four local firms.

To learn more, visit my Linkedin page.

Training & Authority

  • B.B.A. in marketing
  • W.H.E.N. Being Advisor
  • Certified Life Coach

I have spoken at countless engagements and sat on numerous panels during my career.

  • Black Career Women’s Network (BCWN)
  • GenNow
  • Women’s Empowerment Day
  • Sharpen Your Skills Workshop
  • Contributor to the workbook: Your Career: How to Make it Happen

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